The Stuck In A Car, Plane, Or Train Activity Book

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The perfect companion when you are stuck anywhere! All you need is a pencil. With these quizzes, puzzles, games and doodles, the fun doesn’t have to wait, even if you do.

Fill in travel quotes, writing in the name of anyone who says one of the phrases on the page such as  "I have to go to the bathroom" or "I think we’re lost." Play Gomoku, a two-person game that is similar to tic-tac-toe. Plan the ultimate vacation-a-week dream game anywhere in the world. Draw creepy critters, try tongue-tripping twisters and unscramble anagrams. It’s all so entertaining that no one will ask the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”

Features & Pieces

  • 144 pages
  • Softcover
  • Dimensions: 7.1” x 0.5” x 9.1”
  • ISBN-13: 978-1623540081


  • 7-10 years

This book teaches, encourages & supports:

  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Learning
  • Social Development
  • Relaxation & Fun

Specific Benefits:

  • Encourages social interaction, play & sharing
  • Teaches quick thinking & response
  • Makes time go by quickly & pleasantly

About the Author:

Joe Rhatigan has authored more than twenty books for children and adults, including Bizarre History, Bizarre Crimes, Don’t Unravel When You Travel, and Out-of-This-World Astronomy. He has also produced several best-selling books and series, including 101 Places You Gotta See Before You're 12!, The Boo Boo Book, and the My Very Favorite Art Book series. Joe has been a poet, a teacher, a marketing manager, and a newspaper boy. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with his wife and three children.

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