21159 The Pillager Outpost by LEGO Minecraft

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3-part LEGO Minecraft adventure playset

Hands-on Minecraft thrills and excitement featuring popular characters from the awesome online game.

Bring Minecraft excitement into the real world with this LEGO Minecraft playset. Players of the game can enact action-packed, hands-on adventures with favorite Minecraft characters—Pillagers and an Iron Golem.

The new for 2020 crossbow-wielding Pillagers have captured the friendly Iron Golem giant. It'll take kids' skill, ingenuity and Minecraft know-how to pull off a successful rescue mission as the heroic Knight figure. The model separates into 3 sections that kids can rearrange to customize the challenge.

It’s packed with accessories and features including a fully equipped tent, 2 dummies for archery practice and a TNT explosion function. LEGO Minecraft toy building sets put open-ended independent play in kids' hands. 

Age 8 & up

303 pieces

Measuring over 12” long x 7” high x 7”



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