21166 The "Abandoned" Mine LEGO Minecraft

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LEGO® Minecraft™ The "Abandoned" Mine (21166) 248-piece set. Help the game’s leading character mine, build and explore, while trying to survive constant attacks by a variety of hostile creatures.

Kids join Steve as he attempts to unearth coal, iron and diamond – while under attack from a scary zombie, creepy spider and living slime. Players must lure the hostile creatures to the cave entrance, then use a hand-operated device to bring the high-level gravel crashing down on them.

 Ages 7 & up.

  • Brings classic Minecraft action to life in the real world as kids help the game’s leading character mine, build and explore while under attack from various hostile creatures.
  • Includes a familiar cast of Minecraft™ characters and creatures: Steve, a zombie, spider and living slime.
  • The set also includes coal, iron and diamond elements and a falling gravel feature.
  • Measures over 5” high, 7” wide and 4” deep
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