3-in-1 Series 1 Ruby Red by Metomics

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STEM and Creativity in one! Build three different models with METOMICS - an innovative designer building block system made from precision-cut anodized aluminium.

Series 1. These metal bricks offer a refined, quality, totally different building experience over plastic bricks. Create detailed and durable models that can incorporate articulating components. Engineered from high-grade aluminum with a durable anodized coating for a superior protective finish and distinctive looks. Each articulated block is fitted with a durable stainless steel pivot.

Connect the pieces to create stunning designs for play or display. The revolutionary articulated blocks you to pose the models in lifelike positions.

Features & Pieces:

  • 290 anodized aluminum pieces in Ruby Red
  • Build 3 different models Sparrow, T-Rex and Mecha
  • Measurements: Mecha 6" high; T-Rex 6.3" high; Sparrow 4" high
  • Safety tested & certified to EN71, ASTM, CPC & CE
  • Printed instructions for T-Rex are included. Scan the in-pack QR code to access digital instructions for Sparrow and Mecha
  • Includes hard plastic case for storage
  • Extra separator tools highly recommended.


  • 8 & up. (Box states 12+, but we think 8 year olds would do just fine.)


  • STEM & CREATIVITY in one. The entire METOMICS range is designed to develop and support core skills in technology, engineering and maths, while allowing you to design and build anything you can imagine.

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