41391 Heartlake City Hair Salon LEGO Friends

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Where better to meet up with friends and share a gossip than at the LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Hair Salon?

This 235-piece toy hair styling set is brimming with scenarios for imaginative play. There’s a whole host of cute hairdressing toy salon accessories, such as toy hair dryers and toy wigs, to get imaginations sparking. Kids can role-play the client or the stylist – there's loads of crazy cuts waiting to be made.

Wonderfully detailed stations allow kids to see the mini-doll figures progress through the pretend hair salon. Cute features include a shell-shaped sink, a hair-cutting chair, a styling station and a cash register. Purple bangs anyone?

Comes with super-simple printed instructions, but the Heartlake City Hair Salon also features a fully enhanced building experience. Download the LEGO Life app and go to Instructions PLUS to access zoom, rotate and ‘ghost' modes. It's building for the digital age!

Ages 6 & up

  • Measures just over 4” high and 6” long
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