41925 Secret Boxes LEGO DOTS

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Unlock creativity for crafts-loving kids with this cool 273-piece LEGO® DOTS Secret Boxes (41925) kit!

Made for quick assembly, this set gives boys and girls the chance to create and decorate their own lockable secret boxes with space for their special treasures, and redesign them over and over. The enclosed storage tray with lid makes cleanup and sorting a breeze.

This useful kit features an easy-to-assemble, lockable, book-shaped box to hold secrets and treasures safely, a mini box build to hold the key that doubles as a tile remover, plus plenty of tiles to stretch kids’ self-expression skills while making the boxes uniquely theirs.

Ages 6 & up.

  • Ideal for kids with a passion for arts and crafts who want to express themselves through design.
  • Features an opening book-shaped box with working lock and storage space inside, a small box with picture frame, 2 keys, plus a storage tray and plenty of tiles!
  • The included tiles are great for making unique designs.
  • The locking, book-shaped box measures over 1.5 in. high, 3 in. wide and 3.5 in. long.
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