71721 Skull Sorcerer's Dragon by LEGO Ninjago

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NINJAGO® Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon features 6 buildable figures!

Enjoy role-play action as the ninjas battle the Skull Sorcerer, his dragon and his skeleton warriors, to free themselves from the spooky Dungeons of Shintaro.

This dragon building set also doubles as a LEGO® NINJAGO board game boasting a ninja dice spinner and an assault course with a trap for the ninjas to navigate. Kids spin the dice and plot their way through the game to grasp the prized Ivory Blade of Deliverance. It can also be combined with other LEGO sets to create a giant board game.

  • 1016 pieces
  • The battle dragon fun toy is over 12” (31cm) high, 14” (38cm) long and 20” (53cm) wide.

Age 9 & Up

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