Bee Genius by Mukikim

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Help the Queen Bee & Worker Bees build their honeycomb!

Each puzzle can be solved from the 46,656 possible solution. Play solo to against the clock or find more solutions. All of the combinations have at least one possible solution, some have multiple solutions!

Tncludes 1 honeycomb-shaped grid, 6 dice, 1 Queen Bee + 6 Worker Bee hexagon blockers, and 11 different shapes with different colors. Easy to travel with and simply have fun

STEM board game that promotes problem solving, special awareness, and motor manipulation skill training

For ages 3 & up

How to Play:

  1. Roll all six dice together
  2. Place the Queen Bee blocker in the middle and 6 Worker Bee blockers into the hexagon spots of the grid to match the six numbers that printed on the dice
  3. RACE TIME! Fill the 11 colored shapes into every other space on the grid
  4. Challenge yourself against the clock or find out more solutions!


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