Best Chess Set Ever Best Chess Set Ever

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The Best Chess Set Ever takes the best of the chess world and compiles it all in one place.

The Tournament style Staunton chess pieces are large, easy to handle and have a weighted, felted base that makes them perfect for indoor our outdoor play. The Silicone board lays flat, and wipes clean so you don't have to worry about spills or creases.

Best Chess Set Ever is a sleek, modern chess experience that's perfect for both beginners and tournament players alike. If your new to chess an exclusive 32-page handbook and strategy guide covers all the basics. If you've already been playing, learn winning tactics for advanced play. The silicone chess board is marked with algebraic notation for easy chess reference so young chess players and adults can quickly learn chess!

Set includes chess tournament grade components. Triple Weighted Staunton Chess Pieces are extremely durable and easy to handle at 2.2 lbs with cloth felt bottoms, bonus Queens (4 total!) and 3.75” King height. Tournament Size Silicone Board (20”x20”) is far superior to clunky wood or lighter vinyl chess boards. Now, enjoy a 2-sided board — green for official chess tournament play and black for a contemporary chess aesthetic.

Best Chess Set Ever brings more fun to the table with bonus items like googly eyes to dress up your chess pieces and a plush velvet bag for chess piece storage and protection. Our easy stack and stylish game box attract all chess players to the game, inviting you to Master a Classic in Modern Style!


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