Invent-A-Game Contest Winners!

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Invent-A-Game Contest Winners!

Thanks for entering our first Invent-A-Game Contest. We were impressed with the creativity and inventiveness of all our entries. It was difficult to pick a winner!

We didn't know what to expect when we asked for entries to our first Invent-A-Game Contest in August 2020. We asked for simple, open-ended, imaginative fun that an entire family could participate in: a game that involved a board, cards, building elements, or an indoor or outdoor activity for group or solo play. Could be competitive (one winner) or cooperative (everyone wins). We wanted this to be a fun family activity that also doubled as a learning experience for kids to use their imaginations and creativity, develop logical and sequential thinking and strengthen communication skills.


Winners were be selected by our staff based on originality, creativity & clearly communicated game instructions. And all other participants get to come in and choose a travel board game as a prize.

1st Place: Cormac, age 15, for "Chaos" board game. Cormac included great illustrations and provided clear how-to-play directions. We liked the fact that game play reverses, creating, well, chaos! Nice games notes overview too. Scored $100 in games from us.

2nd Place: Sebastian & Nicolas developed a cool activity game called "Air Hoops." They built a cool prototype of three hoops. Contestants make paper airplanes and try to get them through one, two of three hoops for ascending points.  Nice, clear, how-to-play directions. Scored $50 in games from us.

3rd Place: Jaya, age 10, submitted "Letter Head." A clever name for an alphabet card game in which players take turns using their brain power. Jaya invented this game at 4 years old and the family has been playing it ever since! Scored $25 in games from us.

Of course, we love all kinds of games at FUNdamentally Toys! They are an important way that kids develop mentally and physically. They learn many valuable skills: logical thinking, sequencing, hand/eye coordination, strategy, problem solving, social interaction and much more.

Let us know if you have any other ideas for additional contests or challenges we can offer.


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