Blood Moon 1500-pc Art Puzzle by Heidi

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The same moon shines across the globe from Liberty Island to Saint Petersburg in this beautiful art puzzle by Heidi.

Assemble nightscape silhouettes featuring this lunar phenomenon. Because of the nature of its panels, this jigsaw puzzle is a perfect choice for family fun and relaxation. Each member can work together on their own section.

Monoblock knives cut each jigsaw puzzle into an assortment of unique shapes. No tile will fit in another's place.

Heidi Art Puzzle was created in 2016 by Heidi Oyuncak, a leading toy and hobby company in Turkey since 1983 . All Heidi puzzles are manufactured in Turkey with the highest quality materials and use environmentally friendly and renewable materials

For ages 15+
Finished puzzle size 33.46" x 23.6"


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