Celestial Buddies Uranus Buddy

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I am the King of the Heavens . . .and one cool sidekick!
I am Uranus, the King of the Heavens and one cool side kick! I say that because my most unique feature is that I travel around the Solar System on my side, rolling like a ball (not spinning like a top like the other planets).

I’m the seventh planet from the Sun, named for the Greek God of the Heavens. A thick cloud cover of methane gas, which absorbs red and reflects blue, gives me my teal tint. I have at least 27 moons as well as rings which surround me from top to bottom, unlike, for example. Saturn's famous rings which surround the middle of that planet.

My most unique feature is that my axis is tilted 98 degrees, so I rotate on my side rolling around the Sun like a ball, not spinning like a top like all the other planets. It is believed that in the early stages of my formation, an Earth-sized object crashed into me, knocking me over on my side . . . Oops!


  • Height of toy seated is approximately 7.5 inches
  • All New Materials
    Content: Polyester Fiber
    Conforms to all EU and US Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Regulations

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