Cube Duel by SmartGames

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Rule the cube as you duel!

Players take turns placing the game pieces of their color into the special cube stand, building a 3D cube as they go.

It's an intense challenge of strategy and spatial reasoning as players vie for the largest amount of real estate. Whoever has the most squares in their color on the 3 exposed sides of the cube wins the game!

How to Play:

Click the game board base together. Choose your color of pieces – red or yellow. Strategically place your pieces as you block your opponent. The player who has the most squares in their color on the top sides of the cube, wins the game.

Single player mode - Complete the 80 puzzle challenges.

Features & Pieces:

  • 16 game pieces (8 red, 8 yellow)
  • Storage case/game board
  • Booklet with rules for 2 players & 80 challenges for single-players
  • High-quality materials & construction
  • For one or two players


  • 10 & up


  • Concentration
  • Flexible thinking
  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Spatial Insight
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