Echoes: The Dancer Game by Ravensburger

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A unique audio mystery game! Can you unravel the pieces & solve it?

The ghost of a young girl haunts the halls of a stately Scottish manor. Gather clues as you listen to the fragments of her tragic story and solve the mystery of her death. Listen to the sounds and dialogue connected to the game components. There are 24 parts to the story represented as six chapters on a game board. Scan objects with the free Ravensburger Echoes app. Find all audio clues and bring them into the correct order. .

To play this game, at least one player will need the free Ravensburger echoes app*.

Ages 14 & up

For 1-6 players

60 minutes of play

Includes 6 chapter marker tiles, 18 item cards & easy-to-understand instructions.

*Minimum device requirements: iPhone 6s with iOS 12.0 / Android 7.0. Compatible with Google Play services for AR. Device compatibility check available in the echoes app.


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