Flash Cards: Alphabet Fun by School Zone Publishing

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Reading is the foundation to all learning, but you can't read without learning the alphabet first!

Make sure your little one is ready for the world of words with these Alphabet Fun Flash Cards. Each card has a big, blue letter coupled with a cute picture to help your child assimilate letters with objects. Once they learn their letters, flip the card over and the picture's name (“Aa” is for “ant”) appears so your child can work on spelling too. These flash cards are great for getting your little one prepared for preschool or kindergarten!

by School Zone Publishing

Age 4-6

  • 52 Flash Cards, 3 Index Cards
  • Wacky, colorful pictures with each letter
  • Double-sided cards with letter and picture on one side and letter and word on the other side
  • Letters written in bold, block-style
  • Thick, glossy cardstock
  • Rounded corners for easy sorting
  • Includes Parent Card with game ideas
  • Lots of learning for a low price!
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