GAN 356 i-Play Stickerless 3x3 Speed Cube

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The GAN 356 i-Play is a 3x3 premium speed cube built with Bluetooth capabilities for real-time battles!

Enjoy intelligent speedcubing! The GAN356 i-Play and Cube Station lets you battle in real time with other opponents. Up to 1,000 battles are synchronously recorded, allowing for instant reconstruction. Anytime, anywhere, in seconds, match with a competitor of the same level in real time and battle on the spot. With an 8-hour batter life per charge too.

Includes one cube, charging stand, USB cable, storage bag, user guide and advanced tutorial guide.

The GAN356 i-Play features the new Intelligent Numerical Sphere-plastic Gancore with the classic GAN Tension Nuts, which can still be tuned easily by hand. The meticulous improvements in structure feature the best fillet curves, a new edge rotor design, and classic S feet in an extremely extruded inner space.

Shake the Cube to Activate - Gently shake the cube 5 times to activate it and connect to the APP. Disconnecting is just as easy -- turn the white face until disconnection. The charging outlet is positioned under the center piece. Simply place the cube into the charger with the white face on top to begin charging.


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