GAN Robot Speed Cube Scrambler & Solver

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Gan Robot Intelligent Automatic Cube Puzzle Scrambler & Solver

For use with Gan 356XS 3x3 Speed Cubes - puzzle is not included with robot.

Connect your Gan 356 XS speed cube to the Robot Cube power station  and app, scramble and solve with a simple click. The robot recognizes the cube in any direction and instantly gives you the best algorithm. The Gan Robot  (GR) masters 43 quintillion kinds of scrambles. No matter how complicated a cube is, GR will calculate the best solving path and solve it in 5 seconds. That's even faster than the average 3x3 of any human.

Five claws grip the cube firmly and turn it with precision. It's foldable and easily portable. Quake-proof too with a non-slip rubber mat bottom.

Created in 2009, GAN is a puzzle brand famous for its innovative cube designs. GAN cubes have pioneered some huge advances in cubing hardware, particularly 3x3, breaking numerous world and continental records all the time. Our speed cubes are endorsed by the best professional speedcuber in history such as Feliks Zemdegs.


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