Garden Bug 500-pc Puzzle by Springbok

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Uplift your spirits with Garden Bug - a 500-pc puzzle delight!

Zinnias bloom from their unique planter. Bright hues and bunches of florals such as dahlias and coleus create easy-to-sort colors and textures. An afternoon spent piecing together this scene will be as refreshing as a trip into your home garden.

Ages 3 & up

Features & Pieces:

  • 500 pieces
  • Finished size: 18" x 23.5”
  • Average time to complete: 4-6 hours
  • Precision cut interlocking pieces – each piece is unique & never repeated
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% recycled puzzle board materials
  • Organic, non-toxic soy-based inks
  • Missing piece guarantee warranty

Benefits of Doing a Jigsaw Puzzle

Exercise Memory. Jigsaw Puzzles sharpen cognitive function. Current neurology experts assert that puzzles stimulate neuroplasticity and can even slow progressive memory loss.

Deepen Connections. Conversation flows naturally as your sort and interlock the design. It's like we always say: Love completes the puzzle.

Relieve Stress. Escaping into the calm of puzzling for as little as 20 minutes can sooth anxieties. It's the perfect digital detox for you and your loved ones.

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