Genius Star Game by Mukikim

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Challenge yourself with over 165,000 possibilities in a box!

The aim of the genius family game is to fill the 11 colored shapes in the 7 positioned blockers to complete a "STAR". There are 165,888 possible solutions in the 48 triangle spaces grid. It is the advanced version of "The Genius Square."

PLAY SOLO... OR RACE TO AGAINST THE OPPONENT: It is a brain teaser puzzle game that you have to be both fast and smart! You can rack your brains against friends and family to see who complete a star first! Or you can challenge yourself against the clock! Either way… be the "GENIUS" star!

GAME OF THE YEAR: ASTRA "Best Toys For Kids" Winner!

Tabletop game that includes 2 grids, 7 dice, 2 sets of 7 blockers, and 2 sets of 11 colored shapes.

Easy to travel with, easy to teach and learn & have fun.

Ages 8+

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