Gloworks Glo Pals 4-pack Party Pal

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Bath and waterplay light-up fun!

Glo Pals are water-activated light-up sensory cubes. They light up only when placed in water - a tub, sink or other container. Each Pal has a face and a different personality, and when placed in water, the faces will project onto their surroundings, making for fun interactions!

Each Glo Pal cube will will stay lighted for eight hours. They automatically turns on when placed in the bath, and will turn off when out of the water.

Glo Pals have been tested for safety by independent laboratories in the US to meet all applicable safety standards for children.

Please remove Glo Pals from water, give them a quick shake and set them out to dry. This will increase their life span.

The idea for Glo Pals was born out of the needs that accompany autism spectrum disorder. Your purchase of Glo Pals supports Batson Children's Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. Batson Children's Hospital is a part of Children's of Mississippi which provides specialized medical care and treatment to children across the state of Mississippi.

Ages: 3 & up

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Not suitable for children under the age of 3.


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