Your Body Puzzle by Hape

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The human body is an incredible and exciting thing! This fully clothed, five-layer wooden puzzle is a great age-appropriate conversation starter about the body for young ages.

Each layer focuses on a system such as such as skeletal, respiratory, digestive, muscular, and skin. Each layer promotes a deeper understanding of the body. Choose Your Body for Boys or Your Body for Girls.

Features & Pieces:

  • 29 puzzle pieces featuring different systems of the human body
  • Seven pieces per layer
  • Bones are printed on the bottom layer
  • Solid birch wood construction
  • Side tabs show the layer
  • Non-toxic, safe paint finish
  • Product dimensions: 5.5” x 11.5”


  • 4 & up

This toy teaches, encourages & supports:

  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Learning
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Exploration & Discovery

Specific Benefits:

  • Teaches an elementary understanding of the human body & its systems
  • Provides hands-on learning
  • Develops hand/eye coordination
  • Stimulates interest in scientific exploration
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