Honeycombs Game

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A fast-paced game of connection - cooperative or competitive play!

The game of honeycombs comes with fifty-two hexagon shaped tiles. Each tile has six symbols on it and no two tiles are the same. Honeycombs has three distinct ways to play, each varying in speed and competitiveness.
The object of honeycombs is to connect your tiles together by matching their symbols. The more matches you make the more points you will earn. If the symbols do not match, the tiles cannot be connected. The only exception is the honeybee; which is wild and can be matched with any other symbol. Each tile has the potential of being matched on all six sides.

The drawstring bag will fit practically anywhere - a great travel companion

Ages 6 & up

For 1-8 players

15-30 minutes of play per round

Skills: Builds critical thinking and observation 

Awards/Recognition: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Toy Award, 'Recommended by Mensa Mind Games', Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award



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