Illusion Cubes by Mukikim

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Explore, create and amaze yourself as you build your very own optical illusions.

Single-player fun! These 24 double-sided “virtual cube” tiles that can be assembled in unlimited number of ways. 120 challenges have been included to get you started and you can also create your own.

Ages 6 & up


  • 24 double-sided tiles
  • 120 challenges
  • 8 levels of play
  • Instructions

How To Play: 
One face on each side of the Illusion Cube has been “lowered”, to allow certain faces to slide together; the upper face of one tile can overlap all or part of the lower face of an adjacent cube
Permitted Tile Placements: Point to point, Point to side, Stepped tiles
Non-permitted Tile Placements: Piggy backed tiles, Tiles not in full contact with the playing surface, Gaps between sides, Isolated tiles


Promotes spatial awareness, speed of thought & visual perception

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Small pieces are not suitable for ages 3 & under.

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