K15 Let's Go Bigger Magnetic Blocks Set by Kontu

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Kontu's K15 Let's Go Bigger Building Kit teaches early STEM skills!

Winner of the 2020 Parents' Choice Gold Award!

Children will love feeling the force of the magnetic parts as they attract and repel each other. Kontu magnetic STEM Blocks are made in Thailand from sustainable rubber tree wood and securely embedded rare-earth magnets.​ These blocks will grow with your child, introducing new concepts and challenges for ages up to 10 years old. They develop an understanding of how structures fit together and fine motor skills.

For ages 3+

Features & Pieces:

  • ​​20 magnetic wooden building disks
  • 8 Activity Cards for children to follow and encourages problem-solving
  • 18 Numeral and Shape cards to promote numeral recognition
  • ​​Magnetic STEM Blocks can be used:
    • ​​To learn to count
    • ​​To learn to recognize numerals
    • ​​To explore simple physics like weight, balance, and spinning
    • ​​To build structures
    • ​​To explore magnetism
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