Sullivan Kids Against Maturity Game

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Bored with games? Kids Against Maturity is simple and hilarious fun!

Kids Against Maturity fills that empty gap with age-appropriate toilet humor for the whole family to enjoy. Poopy fart humor for the kids with layered innuendos for the adults. The best game for both worlds, Kids Against Maturity brings the family together for a massively fun game that will have kids and adults alike rolling with laughter.

For ages 10 & up.

How to Play:

Each player gets 10 white answer cards and takes turns asking the blue question cards. Each question asker chooses the funniest answer, and the player with the highest amount of most amusing responses, wins the game.

  • Includes 600 question & answer cards
  • Handy, portable storage box
  • Best play results with four or more people


  • OBLIGATORY WARNING – Humorless parents and those who don’t appreciate flatulence jokes, may not approve. PLEASE REMOVE ANY CARD THAT YOU DON’T APPROVE OF. One thing is for sure; just like other tabletop board games, it’ll get your kids away from their phones, tablets, Fortnite, and other electronic devices for at least 30-90 min. Unplug together!
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