Learn To Play Color Chord Ukulele by Kala Music

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Kala’s Color Chord Ukulele Starter Kit will have you playing tons of songs right away! The color-coded fretboard inlays illustrate where to place your fingers to form chords.  Simply follow the arrows to success to start playing songs today.

It’s all designed with the beginner in mind. There are three ways to learn: use the quick start guide included in the set, use the Kala Ukulele app or try our free online lessons.

About the app: The Kala Ukulele app comes with tutorials and lessons using the four Color Chords, a free tuner, and over 100 free songs. Use it on your phone, tablet or computer. You can expand your library of chords up to 11 whenever you’re ready for a new challenge.

About the online lessons: Emily Arrow teaches fresh, engaging and relevant songs for today’s beginner ukulele player. They are amazing in appearance and tone.

Features & Pieces:

  • Kala Soprano Color Chord Ukulele with 12 frets
  • Total length 21”
  • Made of ABS composite with a matte finish
  • High-quality Aquila Super Nylgut® strings from Italy with precise tuning pegs
  • Color Chord logo tote bag
  • Free Kala Ukulele app with tuner
  • Free online lessons with Emily Arrow
  • Quick start booklet
  • Durable & easy to clean


  • 7 & up

This toy teaches, encourages & supports:

  • Physical Development
  • Creative Expression
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Fun & Relaxation

Specific Benefits:

  • Develops fine motor skills & dexterity
  • Introduces musical chords
  • Encourages an appreciation of music

About Kala:

Kala is known for making quality instruments and is one of the most recognized and sought after ukulele brands in the world. Started in 2005, they are now the most purchased and played brands in the U.S. and around the world. With Kala you can expect exceptional instruments at every price point. Kala covers the spectrum of ukulele from sizes, styles, and options. We have an ukulele for everyone for all levels of experience and skill.

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