LIGHT STAX Creative 48-pc Set

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Enhance your brick play experience Light Stax!

The Light Stax Creative Set contains blocks compatible with Lego® sized bricks and contains instructions for building multiple models.

Build with light and light up your creations. Each brick lights up when connected to a power source since each one has its own LED. There are 3 light modes: instant on, flashing and glowing. Lights can be set to stay on or 15-minute auto off. Sound activation base has a function setting that makes the lights flash with sound. Fully compatible with other building blocks of similar size.

For ages 3 years old and up.

  • Includes 48 bricks in 3 sizes and 8 colors
  • 48 bricks (16 of the 4-peg size, 16 of the 6-peg size and 16 of the 8-peg size)
  • One USB Smart Base
  • One USB to DC cable
  • Three AAA batteries
  • Compatible with Duplo size blocks
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