LIGHT STAX Liberty 240-pc Set

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Enhance your brick play experience Light Stax!

The Light Stax Liberty Set has multiple colors across two sizes of bricks.

Build with light and light up your creations. Each brick lights up when connected to a power source since each one has its own LED. There are 3 light modes: instant on, flashing and glowing. Lights can be set to stay on or 15-minute auto off. Sound activation base has a function setting that makes the lights flash with sound. Fully compatible with other building blocks of similar size.

Age 6 & up

  • 240 bricks in multiple colors (8-peg size and 4-peg size)
  • One rechargeable battery pack
  • One USB cable
  • Each block lights up as you link it to any block connected to the power source
  • Compatible with the Light Stax Hybrid series, Light Stax Shine, and Light Stax Fantasy sets
  • Not compatible with Light Stax Classic or Light Stax Creative model lines



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