LIGHT STAX System Fantasy 160-pc Set

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With Light Stax SYSTEM each brick will light up when connected to a power source!

SYSTEM series sets are designed with models that can be made via instructions. Each brick will light up when connected to a power source. Choose from three modes: solid, 15-minute auto-off, or flashing. All SHINE bricks are compatible with the HYBRID series and other SYSTEM models.

Light Stax SYSTEM is NOT compatible with the CLASSIC or CREATIVE model lines.

Stack each block up and watch it glow. Built from a powered base, each block, when connected will illuminate. Build a menacing fortress or a nightlight. The possibilities are endless.

Features & Pieces:

  • 60 bricks (8-peg size & 4-peg size)
  • One rechargeable battery pack
  • One USB cable
  • Each block lights up as you link it to any block connected to the power source
  • Four light modes via LED Bricks (permanent or 15 min auto-off) - instant on, flashing, glowing, sound activation
  • Compatible with the Light Stax Hybrid series, Light Stax Shine, and other Light Stax Fantasy sets
  • Not compatible with Light Stax Classic or Light Stax Creative model lines

Ages 6 & up

Light Stax is an innovative, award-winning toy. These beautifully illuminated construction blocks use LED technology, but are also compatible with traditional building blocks.Once connected to a power base, the blocks will glow. If non-glowing, Light Stax block is connected to a glowing block, it will also illuminate. Just stack them and they light up!

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