Metallic Glam Nail Studio by Klutz

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The glam life is right at your fingertips!

Using the custom, 2-sided tool and foil decals, you’ll learn how to “nail” more than 30 different nail art designs like unicorn magic, zodiac signs, mer-mazing scales, and more! The included high-end nail polish in 6 stylish colors will help you make sure your mani is picture-perfect.

  • Nail polish in 6 colors: white, dark blue glitter, gold, pink glitter, fuchsia, and lime green
  • 2-sided nail-detailing tool
  • Nail decals
  • Sponge

The 48-page instruction book comes full of tips and trick. The decals and painting techniques help create more than 30 nail art designs like ombré, galaxy, and slime.

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