Mindo Kitten Brainteaser by Blue Orange Games

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Mindo Kitten is a My First Logic Game by Blue Orange Games for a single player.

How to Play:

Shuffle the tiles, place them on the table and pick a challenge card. Then turn and flip the double-sided tiles to recreate the color pattern on the challenge card. The tile sonly fit one way into a 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 grid. 60 different challenge cards and 4 levels of difficulty ensure hours of brain teasing fun!

For age 5 & up

Features & Pieces:

  • For one player
  • 60 Challenge Cards (with solutions)
  • 4 Levels of Difficulty
  • 9 Tiles
  • Illustrated Rules
  • Play time per round: 10-20 minutes

Benefits & Skills:

  • Enhances Visual Perception
  • Teaches Logic
  • Promotes Focus and Attention

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