My Fun & Fuzzy Headband Salon by Klutz Jr

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Make and Wear 3 Pairs of Animal Ears!

Little makers will channel their favorite animal with these trendy hair accessories they make themselves! Bend 3 different designs, a cat, a bear, or a unicorn with super fuzzy, pre-cut faux-fur stems and custom foam ear shapers. Then add self-adhesive bows, jewels, and glitter foam accessories to make the look your own. Attaching them is as easy as sliding them onto the included clips or headband and you’re ready to rock your wild style!

With step-by-step instructions and helpful tips and tricks, little makers can make and wear 3 sets of fuzzy animal ears. Each project is customizable with bows and glitter foam accessories.

Ears work for all hair types and sensitivities and can be worn as hair clips or on a headband.

Features & Pieces:

  • Fuzzy sticks in 4 colors
  • 4 metal hair clips
  • Unicorn hair clip
  • 2 foam beads
  • 2 bows
  • 6 ear shapers
  • 6 glitter foam decorations
  • 20 foam tape squares
  • Plastic headband


  • 4 & up
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