Puzzle Beach by SmartGames

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Challenge your brain with Smart Games Puzzle Beach magnetic game!

A single-player game. This puzzle game comes with 48 interactive and fun challenges and solutions, ranging from easy to expert. The compact game board that is easy to hold and store with its five magnetic pieces. A great game for traveling or on-the-go fun.

How to Play: Select a challenge to play Place all the puzzles pieces on the game board so the right figurines and beach objects are connected with a path for each figurine to follow without obstacles Complete the challenge and check the desired outcome at the back of the booklet

Ages 6 & up


Booklet with magnetic grid, 48 challenges and solutions and five magnetic puzzle pieces

Benefits: Spatial insight, planning, problem solving, memory, logic, concentration.

Safety Warning: Not suitable for children under 6 years old to use with adult supervision

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