Enchanted Forest Game by Ravensburger

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Go on a magical treasure hunt in the Land of Fairy Tales. A classic memory game with a twist!

Get ready for fairy tale search-and-find fun! The king’s castle reveals the treasures you must search for throughout the forest. Roll the dice and move around the board, sneaking a peek at treasures hidden in the Enchanted Forest along the way. Be the first player to find three treasures the king seeks and the kingdom is yours!

How to Play:

Set up the game board by placing a treasure in the bottom of each tree and arranging the trees on the game board. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving the number of spaces indicated. If a player lands on a space next to a tree, lift the tree to peek at the treasure depicted on the bottom. If that treasure matches the treasure tile on top of the pile at the castle gates, that player rolls his or her way to the castle to make the match and take the tile.

When a new tile is turned over, players test their memories – can they remember which tree hides the new treasure and get to the gates first to collect it? The first player to collect three treasure tiles wins the game!

Features & Pieces:

  • For 2-6 players
  • One game board
  • 13 each of trees, treasure tokens & treasure tiles
  • Two dice
  • Six movers
  • Instructions


  • 4 & up

 This game teaches, encourages & supports:

  • Cognitive Learning
  • Fun & Relaxation
  • Social Development

Specific Benefits:

  • Develops hand/eye coordination
  • Improves memory & matching skills
  • Encourages focus
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