Science Wiz Rocks & Geology by Science Wiz

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Smash, dissolve, and create rocks with the Science Wiz Rocks Kit.

This is the WEIGHTIEST ScienceWiz book sold, as it has lots of good-sized rock samples! As one of Dr. Norman’s most exciting books yet, eruptive experiments are used to explore the active geology of planet Earth. For ages 8 and up

Includes a 56-page science book with materials. Dimensions: 11.75 × 9.125 × 2.5 in

20 activities which include:

  • Mold and slice open a model of the earth
  • Create a lava fountain to explore density
  • Spew your own volcano
  • Make your own pyroclastic eruptions
  • Discover which rocks will float and which will burn
  • Identify, break & display volcanic rocks
  • Sediment your own sedimentary rocks
  • Acid test rocks
  • Explore metamorphic rocks
  • Form fossils
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