Rocks, Gems & Geodes Maker Lab by Klutz

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Kids will dig the world of earth science and geology!

Kick-start your very own rock collection with the 36 stones, then use the included crystal powder and mold to grow your own geode formation. Collect rocks and conduct experiments, such as a scratch test and float test, to discover their hidden properties. The fun doesn’t stop there - You’ll even learn how to make your very own rock tumbler.

Use the fact-filled book to keep exploring the world around you as you find more samples to collect.

Clear instructions take the intimidation factor out of being a Maker and promotes STEM/STEAM. The 32-page book explains the properties of different types of rocks.

Features & Pieces:

  • 36 rocks
  • Display tray
  • Crystal powder
  • Geode mold
  • Plaster
  • Magnifying glass


  • 8 & up


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