Color Code by SmartGames

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Stack ’em up, one tile at a time!

A unique single-player game in which you stack up see-through plastic tiles in a holder as you recreate challenges in a booklet.

While is seems deceptively simple, it’s not! You must combine shape and color in a particular order. Meet multi-color shape challenges in the included booklet that range from easy to expert.

How to Play:

  • Choose one of 100 challenges
  • Pick the tiles you need and stack them up one by one in the tile holder
  • When your composition matches the challenges, you’ve cracked it!

Features & Pieces:

  • 18 plastic transparent tiles
  • Orange plastic tile holder
  • Booklet with 100 challenges & solutions


  • 5 & up

This game teaches, encourage & supports:

  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Learning

Specific Benefits:

  • Develops medium motor skills
  • Teaches color & shape recognition
  • Promotes logical, sequential thinking
  • Supports planning & problem solving skills

About SmartGames:

SmartGames is the world leader in fun, brain-building, single-player puzzle games for ages 5-99. Although they are designed to be played alone, it’s fun to find solutions together. Challenges range from easy beginner to gradually more difficult, so you can learn and grow as you play.

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