SmartCar 5x5 Game by SmartGames

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VROOM! Construct a car, block by block, flexing your logic muscles with this beautifully crafted 3-D, wooden, single-player puzzle and toy. Assemble the vibrantly colored wooden blocks to match a selected challenge making sure the car has only one set of eyes. With simple challenges for inexperienced builders to complex puzzles that will challenge skilled mechanics, Smart Car is a fun way to develop logical thinking skills and spatial reasoning abilities ... and it doubles as a great rolling toy!

Object of the Game:

To construct various combinations of cars with only one set of eyes according to a selected challenge.

How to Play:

Place the four blocks next to the car’s chassis and choose a challenge from the challenge booklet. Build the car using the four colored blocks to match the colors shown in the challenge. Cars must have only one set of eyes. The single, correct solution is on the reverse side of the challenge.

Features & Pieces:

  • One natural wood car chassis with black tires
  • Five colored L-shaped blocks (red, blue, orange, yellow & green) with eyes
  • Completed cars are approximately 6” x 4”
  • Durable construction
  • One booklet of 48 challenges for preschool ages
  • One booklet of 48 challenges for primary school ages that are more difficult


  • 4-9 years

The game teaches, encourages & supports:

  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Learning
  • Sensory Awareness

Specific Benefits:

  • Develops hand/eye coordination
  • Teaches planning, problem-solving & logical thinking
  • Promotes spatial insight & reasoning
  • Encourages imaginative play as a toy
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