Smoosh and Seek Treehouse by Peaceable Kingdom

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The woodland friends are playing hide and seek and don’t want the fun to end. Can you find them all before Mr. Prickles climbs the ladder to send them on their way?

Take turns drawing tokens and working together to remember which animal is under which game smoosher. Then press the smoosher into the smoosh dough to see if you found the right one! Find all the animals and everyone wins!

It’s a game where all players play together against the game, not against each other. Everyone wins or loses together. Peaceable Kingdom’s cooperative games cultivate kindness, courage, and connection.

Ages 3 & up

for 2-4 players

Features & Pieces:

One game board, one tub of Smoosh Dough, seven Dough Smooshers, Instructions, One Drawstring Bag, eight Character Tokens, one Peek Token, Mr. Prickles with stand and instructions.

Approximagely 20 minutes of play per round


  • Practice memory, strategy and fine-motor skills
  • Kinesthetic fun of squishing each smoosher into dough
  •  eaceable Kingdom’s Cooperative Games cultivate emotional development, teamwork, self esteem, creative problem-solving and a sense of community in play.


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