Soccer Bot by Mukikim

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Welcome to the World Cup Match! The RC soccer robot toy for kids.

This educational sport toys set teaches children basic rules of soccer. Practicing tabletop RC soccer skills promotes hand-eye coordination and cause & effect skills training. Use imagination to play like real soccer matches & kick to score!

For ages 6 & up.

First pair the backpack style remote controls with the robotic soccer players to start the game. Dribble, pass and shoot at home. Plus they can dance and sing! Master your soccer skills! Control the ball by moving forward, backward, left and right. Press both forward or backward to move quickly to compete against your opponent! It’s a real-time combat to drive, pass, tap & press the middle button to kick for a GOAL!


  • Two intelligent, rechargeable robots with remotes on the back
  • One soccer ball
  • Two goal nets
  • Two 2 USB cords


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