Spa Lab Kit by Sentophere

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Be creative & learn the science behind beauty & relaxation!

Bring the peaceful atmosphere of the spa in your very own home with soaps, gels and bath salts of your own creation! Explore a wide spectrum of possibilities with a variety of ingredients and an endless imagination.

You can mold quality effervescent bath sugars, prepare relaxing scented salts and make colorful shower gels and bath foams. All ingredients included have been carefully selected to allow these fabulous experiments to be used on the body. Discover the secret of cosmetics by creating scented creams with 100% natural oils. Made in France.

For ages 8+.

Kit includes: 1.05 fl. oz. of softening base, 2.60 fl. oz. of foam base, citric acid (.88 net wt. oz.), 2 scents, 2 colorants, salt, sodium bicarbonate, mixing components and full instructions.

Box Contains

  • 2.6 oz foaming base
  • 1.05 oz softening base
  • .88 oz citric acid mixture
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Course salt
  • 2 bottles cosmetic colorants
  • 2 bottles cosmetic perfume
  • 1 beaker
  • Measuring scoop
  • Mini spoon
  • One spatula
  • Organdie bags
  • 4 pipettes
  • 1 bath pebble mold
  • 2 bottles for bottling shower gels

Additional Material Required:

  • Fine cooking salt
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