Speks Speks Tones Cherry Pop Magnets

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Mashable, smashable, rollable, buildable!

512 two-tone red, mashable, smashable, rollable, buildable, puzzling, and world famous, all-you-can-build with, magnetic balls. Adults ONLY; not for children under 14.

  • 512 rare earth magnets
  • Each Spek is 2.5 mm
  • Includes metal building base, plastic splitter card, carrying case
  • Comes with 16-page starter guide
  • All-you-can-build with magnetic balls
  • From the creators of Buckyballs and Zen Magnets
  • Speks meet all regulatory and safety standards

About Speks

Our tiny magnets have a big mission; to bring fun to adults and provide both stress relief and creative inspiration. From the boardroom to the dorm room and on the go, there?s no wrong way or place to play. Speks have infinite possibilities and zero expectations. Safety: Designed for use by anyone 14 and over, Speks meet all regulatory and safety standards due to the size and strength of the magnets. Our balls might be small, but our commitment to safety is big.


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