Stories of the Three Coins by Peaceable Kingdom

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In the land of Storia, a Traveler is in search of a happy ending – and you get to imagine how they get there!

A cooperative game that fans of fantasy, creative or role-playing games will love playing with friends and family. Have fun, use your imagination and work together as a team to reach a happy ending before the inkwell runs out of ink. 

How to Play

The players choose a card to be the Traveler, and the first player begins the story. As they tell the story, the first player flips over three cards and use the three magic coins to mark which card they think should be in the story next – so only they can see. The other players guess which card they think the storyteller chose. A wrong guess means the inkwell marker goes down a notch - but don't let it run dry! As each player imagines their part of the story, they roll the booster dice to add exciting elements that they must work into the tale.

Ages 6 & up

2-5 players

Features & Pieces:

  • One board game, 72 story cards, one inkwell tracker, five story booster dice, three magic coins, one traveler card stand & instructions
  • A different story every time - play again and again


  • Cooperative games empower young players to learn teamwork & basic game play
  • Practice communication, group strategy, creative storytelling skills
  • Works well for mixed ages
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