Balance Beans Gane by ThinkFun

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Balance Beans is a fun-filled logic and math game all in one. It’s a great introduction to elementary algebra. This game challenges kids to place bean tokens with various weights on a seesaw so that it will balance. When kids balance the seesaw, they are actually balancing an equation! As the challenges get harder, they will rely less on trial and error – and more on math and reasoning skills. .

Object of the Game:

Balance the Seesaw by adding the Beans shown on the Challenge Card to the Balance Tray.

How to Play:

Assemble the balance tray on to the base. Select a challenge card. Set the indicated red beans as shown on the challenge card on the balance tray. Add the rest of the beans as indicated. You may not move the red beans during the challenge. You must place all the indicated beans onto the tray. When the seesaw balances – YOU WIN!

Features & Pieces:

  • Game tray and base
  • 9 red, yellow, blue or orange game tokens (3 single beans, 3 double beans and 3 triple beans)
  • 40 challenges: easy, medium, hard & super hard with solutions on the back
  • Instruction manual
  • Game-Go bag
  • Great for travel


  • 5 & up

This game teaches, encourages & supports:

  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Learning
  • Sensory Awareness

Specific Benefits:

  • Develops hand/eye coordination
  • Teaches following specific directions
  • Introduces the concept of basic physics
  • Provides an interesting way to learn math
  • Encourages problem solving


  • ASTRA Best Toys for Kids
  • Purdue University Engineering Gift Guide

Warning: Choking hazard. Small pieces are not suitable for children under three years of age.

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