Laser Chess by ThinkFun

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The Beam Directing Strategy Game! Perfect for those who love brain workouts like chess and strategy games.

A modern alternative to chess: This two-player strategy game combines the spatial thinking skills of chess with the high-tech fun of laser beams.  Great for all ages and intergenerational play

How to Play:

Players alternate turns moving their mirrored pieces around the board, and at the end of each turn, players fire a real laser beam from their laser. The laser beam bounces from mirror to mirror, and if the beam strikes a non-mirrored surface of any piece, it is immediately removed from play. If you illuminate your opponent’s King - YOU WIN!

Features & Pieces:

  • High quality construction
  • One game board
  • 24 playing pieces
  • Two lasers with <0.39Mw max output at 635-670
  • Easy instructions
  • For 2 players


  • 8 & up

This game teaches, encourages & supports:

  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Learning
  • Cognitive Enrichment

Specific Benefits:

  • Improves fine motor skills & hand dexterity
  • Builds, logic, reasoning & problem-solving skills
  • Provides stealth learning experience
  • Bolsters visual perception


  • Mensa Select Winner
  • National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA) 2018
  • Parent’s Choice Silver Award
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