Ocean: A Photicular Book

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OCEAN: A Photicular Book
Created by Dan Kainen
Written by Carol Kaufmann
From the creators of Safari: A Photicular Book, is another magical journey that comes to life before your eyes. This time we dive deep below the ocean's surface and come face-to-face with fantastic creatures of the deep. Author Dan Kainen uses innovative lenticular technology that puts the motion of life into every page turn.
Writer Carol Kaufmann again teams up with Kainen to offer lively and informative descriptions of each creature - size, habitat, range, diet, and more. Swim with yellow-banded sweetlips, be mesmerized by glow-in-the-dark deep-sea anglerfish, sway with seahorses, and glide with sand tiger sharks along the ocean floor.
  • Hardback
  • 12 pages


  • 3 & up

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