World's Greatest Magic Show (with 415 Tricks) by Thames & Kosmos

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World's Greatest Magic Show with 415 Tricks

Get ready to put on the world’s greatest magic show!

By following the instructions in the two manuals, you can learn up to 415 tricks using the 49 props included in the kit. With the illustrated instructions, the magic tricks can be learned, practiced, and mastered to stun and amaze audiences!

What's Inside?

World's Greatest Magic Show includes 49 props to perform 415 tricks. Among these props are magic rope, a Houdini coin box, linking rings, magic cards, and even a false thumb to perform magic thumb tricks! And of course no magic kit is complete without a magic wand! Durable props allow for repeated use as you practice and perform the tricks to perfection.

  • Ages 8 and up
  • 415 tricks
  • 49 props
  • 60-page instruction manual with photographs
  • 32-page instruction manual for tricks with playing cards
  • Video tutorials available online
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