Hachette Board Games Quoridor Game by Gigamic

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A modern classic of abstract strategy with millions of players around the globe!

Quoridor features simple rules that enable you to start playing this game quickly, and you'll be able to teach your friends just as easily. 

The goal is simple: reach your opponent's side of the board. On your turn, either move your pawn or place a wall. The trick: you can't completely block your opponent from your side of the board. Quoridor is a game with very simple rules but meaty strategy, you're sure to play it again and again.

BRAIN BURNER: The challenge evolves depending on player count, as you balance your movement and defensive fence placement.

QUALITY WOODEN PIECES: The rich wooden tones of the pieces will look attractive on your coffee table, as you leave it set up and ready to play.

MENSA SELECT WINNER: The panel of judges awarded Quoridor this seal due to its excellent educational aspects and high quality production


Ages: 8 & up


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