Hachette Board Games Quoridor Game by Gigamic

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A modern classic of abstract strategy with millions of players around the globe!

Quoridor has been challenging players everywhere for over 20 years with its attractive display and confounding tactics. Quoridor Mini is a more compact edition, great for travel or at the office!

Quoridor features simple rules that enable you to start playing this game quickly, and you'll be able to teach your friends just as easily. Everyone can play Quoridor Mini!

The goal is simple: reach your opponent's side of the board. On your turn, either move your pawn or place a wall. The trick: you can't completely block your opponent from your side of the board. Quoridor is a game with very simple rules but meaty strategy, you're sure to play it again and again.

Ages: 8 & up

Dimensions: 11" x 2.2" 11"

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