Crystal Space Terrarium

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Create a glowing space crystal garden with Creativity for Kids Crystal Space Terrarium! With this STEAM activity kit you will combine science and art to create an out of this world UFO terrarium. Fill your terrarium with crystals that you grow yourself by simply combing water and crystal powder. Your finished terrarium will make your room look amazing during the day and glow at night with glow-in-the-dark stickers, squishy alien, gems and jar lid! This kids craft activity is engaging and entertaining for kids while they learn the science behind creating crystals!

  • KIDS GLOW TERRARIUM - Blast out of this world by turning a UFO jar into a space terrarium! Combine your art and science skills to create a space terrarium that is completely unique to you
  • COMPLETE CRAFT KIT - Craft kit comes with ready-to-grow crystals, crystal powder, sparkling space rocks, a squishy UFO, space gems and colorful stickers (Requires 2 AAA batteries - not included)
  • WATCH IT GLOW - This glow-in-the-dark craft activity will decorate and light up your bedroom! Make your space terrarium shine with glowing stickers, squishy alien, gems and jar lid!
  • STEAM ACTIVITY - Use the magic of science to grow your own colorful, growing crystals to keep in your UFO terrarium! Simply combine water and crystal powder to create your own space rocks
  • Creativity For Kids - Since 1976, Creativity For Kids has proudly made fun and creative experiences today to nurture children's confidence for life. This science kit for kids features non-toxic arts and craft supplies and is recommended for ages 6+
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