Goodnight Troll

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Goodnight Troll is a children's bedtime story. It includes characters from Norwegian folklore and history, such as Trolls, the Kraken, Vikings and more! A family of Norwegian trolls who live in Trollheimen ('The home of the trolls') are settling down for a long night's sleep. Momma Troll must read them a story and the young trolls must say their goodnights to all the creatures and people in Trollheimen before they drift off into slumber.


About the author:Anita Penn AKA Sarah Nicole Coupland is an American writer. Her maternal family is of Norwegian descent and that is where she drew inspiration for her first book, Goodnight Troll. Anita Penn is also a mother who loves reading books to her children, so she decided to write books her children could read to their children and so on. With hopes that no matter what happens in life, her stories will live on with them.

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